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The problem is that invested leaders must make critical decisions, mostly in time constrained and combative environments, but often feel as if they have little to no decision-making framework or system in place to help them do so effectively  These are critical decision points in the life of your organization. 

Therefore, invested leaders desperately desire a decision making framework that illustrates opportunities, reduces uncertainty, and reveals the best path forward.   A framework that will prove valuable time and time again.

They are fully aware of the weight associated with the decision point but may not be fully aware of how to make those decisions with the highest quality, in the most uncertain of environments, and with precious little time. 

Interestingly, this problem exists despite having the most data and the greatest technology in history ever available to them. 


At best? The result in indecisiveness.  At worst, a ‘decisive’ decision based on little to no analytical rigor whatsoever.  

Correction.  Even worse still, a critical decision made using some poorly conceived value-based decision algorithm or technology framework that ‘looks slick’ and implies a level of in-depth analysis and rigor that was never present. 

But what is incomprehensible? A decision made in haste, from a place of bravado, that in retrospect was poorly analyzed, reeked of sloppiness and arrogance, ignored much better alternatives, and resulted in the de-valuing and/or loss of human life. 


Who ‘wins’ in this scenario?

  1. Your adversary. 
  2. And those that desperately desire for you to stay right where you are.

Anyone that benefits from you and your organization being ‘stuck’ in the same spot or going 100 miles-per-hour, spending countless amounts of time, effort, and energy to end up essentially right where you started?  They win.   

Charlatans win because they see your pain as an effort to ‘sell’ you a solution.  One that is actually ‘their solution’ instead of yours (and essentially the same ‘custom’ solution that they are selling to your adversary). 

Consultants win because they get an opportunity to come in and tell you all the things you are doing wrong, congratulate themselves while they walk out the door, and leave you and your team no further away from the spot you find yourself in over and over again. 

But more importantly than who ‘wins’ in this context are those who inevitably lose due to the inability for invested leaders to make the ‘right’ decision.  A sound decision that is of highest quality even in a combative, time constrained environment.     

Invested, high-stakes leaders know and place appropriate weight on who ‘loses’ in this scenario.  Who loses most in times of indecision or ‘poor’ decisions are those whom they serve.  The very ones who bear the consequences of what was decided or not decided.  The men and women on the forward line. 


The intentional design and development of human focused and outcome-oriented decision-making algorithms, and their supporting technology framework (or what MRA calls a mission command system), that provide leaders with a clear, contextual picture of high stakes situations for the specific purpose of making sound decisions time and time again.


Design, implementation, and practice of the MRA decision point methodology to consistently identify better ‘right path’ decisions from many illuminated courses of action that simultaneously reduce uncertainty and value human life. 


Allow me to stand shoulder to shoulder with you when faced with your next critical decision point on the battlefield.  To reveal the terrain associated with your decision.  To better understand the uncertainties/adversaries you are facing.  And to have a thorough understanding of your ability to complete the victory.  In short, allow me to help you to see the terrain, see the enemy, and see yourself.  So that your victory is complete. 

Hence the saying: “If you know the enemy and know yourself, your victory will not stand in doubt; if you know Heaven and know Earth, you may make your victory complete.” -SUN TZU’s Art of War Chapter 10. TERRAIN

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