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Decision-Point Methodology

What is Decision-Point Methodology?

When lives are at stake or an action stands to impact the lives of others, it is mission critical to make the best decision possible even when the information you have is incomplete or uncertain.

At Michael Rainey and Associates, we stand shoulder to shoulder with leaders to practice data driven decisions revealed through the Decision Point Methodology. This methodology is based in the decision sciences and incorporates a multi-step process designed to unveil opportunities, reduce uncertainty and reveal the best step forward. When implemented correctly, the Decision Point Methodology enables leaders to make high quality decision in less time while simultaneously showcasing a sense of care and compassion for the lives they are touching.

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Understanding the Operational Environment

Our team casts a wide net to interview key stakeholders and collect the qualitative and quantitative data points necessary to make an effective decision. This point is defined by two important components: Structure the Decision and Define the Decision to ensure that leaders are solving the ‘right’ problem and asking the right questions.

Decision Point Design and Engineering

Once the decision has been structured and defined, our team helps to analyze the decision through data science, actionable intelligence, and the generation of multiple alternatives that provide operational advantage, increased efficiency, and enable meaningful change.

Decision Point Implementation

There are times where implementation of the desired solution is the most complex aspect of any decision. Our team serves as an extension to you and your team to implement the key components within an integrated mission and/or decision command system necessary to fulfill the work, project or goal – all based on your high-stakes decision.

Our Process

We always start with the desired end state in mind so that we are solving the right problem and asking the right questions. In this stage, we compare where you are now to where you want to be. Then we identify those necessary courses of action to ensure you arrive where you need to be. Along the way, we look for where adjustments can be made and efficiencies can be implemented. All to determine where we can continue to support your team to move toward the ultimate goal!

If you are a leader with a high-stakes decision on your horizon, our team would be happy to have a 45-minute complimentary call. We’ll listen to your problem and then share a few strategies to consider.

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