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Intelligent Decision Support

Data alone is not a plan.

Instead, actionable insights pulled from data into a meaningful decision-making framework leads to organizational clarity.

This is Intelligent Decision Support.

Michael Rainey & Associates (MRA) provides you a clear, contextual picture of a high-stakes situation so you can respond analytically and confidently.

We identify the right problem to solve, analyze the current state, understand the desired outcome – and provide the strategic roadmap to get there. Then, we stand shoulder to shoulder with you and your team to support the execution of your plan and realize your objectives.


Organizational Culture and Strategic Development

From behavioral performance assessments to organizational culture reviews, we ensure we “see the battlefield” the way you do. It’s the only way we can develop frameworks for successful decision-making in the ambiguous environments in which you and your teams operate. This includes support in the development of a community-driven strategic plan.

Decision Science and Analytics

Outcomes are inevitable, due to action and, yes, even inaction. We leverage decision science modalities and analytics to help inform decision-making at every level within your organization. This includes frameworks like analytical-based community risk assessments and standards of cover.

Innovative Systems Design and Engineering

As an invested leader, you know better than most that once one decision is made, there are countless more that follow. By engineering innovative, long-lasting solution designs for future decision-making, we can ensure you’re always prepared with the data you need to make informed decisions – decisions that will have a meaningful impact on the value of human life. This includes engineering an organization-specific solution to support your accreditation objectives.

Our approach to high-stakes decision-making

Using decision science and incorporating a multi-step process designed to illustrate opportunities, we reduce uncertainty and reveal the best path forward. This enables you to make high-quality decisions in less time, that are simultaneously human focused and outcome oriented.

No matter the challenge, this process helps leaders make more accurate and effective decisions by attributing measurable results to aspirational planning.

It’s beyond data – it’s applying data that facilitates better decision-making, even in the most uncertain environments.

We’re a team of decision scientists, strategists, and innovative engineers, ready to come alongside you with the expertise you need to identify the best path forward.

If you are a leader with a high-stakes decision on your horizon, our team would be happy to have a 45-minute complimentary call. We’ll listen to your problem and then share a few strategies to consider.

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