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Kandice Stellmon

Kandice Stellmon

Kandice Stellmon

Ms. Stellmon brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her lead role within the Systems area of focus at Michael Rainey and Associates (MRA). With a dynamic and insightful approach, she specializes in high-stakes decision-making consulting, where her adept application of Systems Thinking and Agile methodologies has consistently streamlined project lifecycles and elevated client experiences.

Functioning as a primary liaison between clients and the CEO, Ms. Stellmon fosters transparent and productive communication channels, ensuring that client needs are understood and met effectively. Her commitment to excellence is evident in her meticulous management of project lifecycles within the Scrum Framework, where she serves as a proficient Product Owner, delivering timely and effective solutions.

Recognized for her client-centric approach, Ms. Stellmon excels in delivering structured and tailored solutions to complex challenges. She conducts comprehensive After-Action Reviews for each project, gathering critical feedback to drive continuous improvement and ensure optimal outcomes in high-pressure environments.

From project initiation to delivery, Ms. Stellmon designs and implements client experiences with a keen focus on involvement, satisfaction, and consistent feedback integration. Moreover, she identifies and implements innovative internal process improvements, driving operational efficiency and further enhancing the organization’s capabilities.

With her diverse skill set and unwavering dedication to client satisfaction, Ms. Stellmon epitomizes excellence in project management, consistently achieving outstanding results through her strategic solutions and collaborative approach.

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