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Heidi Tannhauser

Heidi Tannhauser

Heidi Tannhauser

Ms. Tannhauser brings her unique experience and expertise to her lead role within the Analysis area of focus at Michael Rainey and Associates (MRA).  Heidi possesses a bachelor’s degree in geography and mathematics, uniquely equipping her to collect and reconfigure data from credible sources.

Ms. Tannhauser’s impact at MRA is significant. She has deployed predictive models for 10-year population projections, leveraging data from Census, ACS, and CDC sources to inform strategic resource allocation in Emergency Service Districts. Her analytical acumen extends to evaluating and remodeling operational performance, ensuring alignment with long-term strategies to address coverage gaps effectively.

In addition to her strategic contributions, Ms. Tannhauser excels in technical proficiency. She engineers comprehensive data infrastructure, utilizing tools like Automate, Access, SQL, and Power BI to deliver near real-time insights crucial for client decision-making. Moreover, her dedication to data accuracy and reliability is evident in achieving an error rate of less than 1% in relational databases, providing invaluable health trend data for medical decision-making.

Ms. Tannhauser also demonstrates a commitment to transparency and knowledge-sharing. She authors technical documentation to enhance client understanding of analysis methodologies and conducts training sessions for coworkers, focusing on error monitoring and correction to maintain high data integrity standards.

Beyond traditional data analysis, Ms. Tannhauser’s contributions include developing an ArcGIS Model Builder Program using ArcPy, enhancing spatial analytics capabilities. Her leadership shines through in leading the technical component of a capabilities facilitation event organized by SOF & ATL, emphasizing the importance of data-driven decision-making in organizational success. With her diverse skill set and unwavering commitment to excellence, Ms. Tannhauser exemplifies innovation and proficiency in data analysis at MRA.

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